Manufacturing process


The manufacture of the spirulina Bleualgue.

Where is it made?

Concerned about the quality of our product and the way it is manufactured, we closely monitor its manufacturing process. Spirulina Bleualgue is made in Brittany (France).

100% pure and without addition

Production rules are very strict and regular controls are implemented in a healthy production environment. Therefore, we maintain a natural balance for the development of the culture.

How is it made?

From the raw material to the finished product, the production line is strictly controlled, in order to provide a product of optimal quality.


Strict controls

Each batch produced undergoes bacteriological, toxicological and nutritional tests. We are committed to maintaining this quality approach throughout our activity and production.

A quality requirement

Our production site complies with the requirements of ISO 22000 and the Ecocert Standard for the ecological production of microalgae in order to guarantee our customers and consumers the excellence of our know-how.


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PR Trading Sàrl

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